Not All Synns are Equal

This is what is enlightening people, being reminded not all synns are equal. Some synns are big crimes that can put someone in prison for life, while others are just offensive or very un-likeable things people do to each other.

SYNN cards highlight a broad range of sins. Please don’t expect them to completely ruin your day, or even put you in a bad mood! Some may help prevent you from simply offending someone like a friend or employer. Other cards may remind you that you should not be treated poorly, and to stay away from people who synn against you.

Stylized image of the front of one card and a common synn in society. At home this synn may cause an argument,
in the United States Supreme Court it can shut down a major international corporation.

These synn cards are not designed with the intent to make you feel bad about yourself. Instead it helps you understand your own world that you live in. Maybe you are bad sinner sitting in jail, and people hate you and you are not sure entirely why–or where you began synn. Alternatively, maybe you can feel good knowing there are so many synns you would never ever do to others! Maybe you’ll learn about things you have done and want to go back to someone and try to mend a relationship. Please use these cards for insight.

If you have been sinned against it is very okay to feel emotional. Please do yourself a favor and get away from people who frequently hurt you. If you are having difficulty, please seek professional help and/or let your local law enforcement know if these have been criminal activities against you or others.

The world we live in is a flexible place if you are willing to be flexible.

Being flexible is allowing for change!

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