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It is a simple concept: Flash cards for learning sins. The synns in this special deck of cards are inspired by both religious and non-religious sources with an art-deco modern and steam-punkish, but very clean look. A sin or synn (Old English spelling) is a known traditional, cultural, society ill or dislike, and often a crime punishable by fines and even permanent imprisonment in many countries around the world. The cards and games created with them are registered at the United States Library of Congress.

A sample of the first matte printed deck of the first edition of SYNN cards. August 2021.

Currently there are 49 synns, and one introduction card in the deck. Dimensions are approximately 2.25in x 3.4in per card, and the deck is 0.8in tall. Comes with a black velvet pouch with draw string. Coming soon are educational, inspirational, and fun games to play with 1-20+ players!

SYNN Cards are officially available via our ETSY.COM store called ADVENTURER JONES. If you include a link to our web page on your own web site, we’ll give you $2 off on your first order!


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Please take note that SYNN cards have been registered with the United States Copyright Office.

Who can use these cards?

Anyone can use these cards! Guaranteed there are synns you haven’t ever thought of. These are really good for young people who are getting started in life, criminals who need reforming, religious-minded people who like to discuss people and prevent sins against humanity. These are not a bad idea to have in your desk at work to remind you of some basic offensive behaviors. We are creating a game for actors too!

What are some common synns on the cards?

Breaking up homes
…and more!

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